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Kathryn Rutherford

Fine Artist, Photographic and Fine Art Restoration Specialist, and Instructor, Self Employed--Heirloom Art Studio in Sevierville United States

Taking a boat, to work on a small island with an amusement park on it that opened in 1912, to paint watercolour portraits for five dollars each, when I was fifteen years old, in 1972, was an incredible way to begin a fine art career but, that is exactly how my professional career was set in motion.
Here I am now, an internationally known, award-winning, fine artist, portrait artist, outstanding fine art teacher in Canada and the U.S., and one of the top photographic and fine art restoration specialists in North America having won special awards for using historic processes that bring back faded photographs without restoration charges or inventing special processes that bring back blackened tintypes to their original exposures and image quality.
I have taught throughout North America and my fine art paintings, portraits, and restorations are in corporate and private collections in sixteen countries around the world.
Experience my personal style of storytelling paintings and portraits that I call "Spirit Paintings" online at: There you will see how intense colour, light, and shadow pass through transparent or reflective images of objects, loved ones, historical figures, or bring fantasies to life. It is where ordinary objects and the stories of ordinary lives become extraordinary fine art and memories become Masterpieces.

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Aug 15, 2019