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Kat Bing

Artist in Los Angeles United States

A musical nutshell: I grew up in Southern California listening to Celine Dion on weekdays and K-Earth 101 on weekends. Then I got my own radio and thought rap was cool for a sec. Then CD's were within reach and The Offspring made my sister n I little bad asses. Then one day, I got me a boyfriend and suddenly Boston was the greatest band that ever lived. We broke up and I found solace in STP and Alice in Chains CD's I had stolen from my mom. As high school was nearing its end, I came across the best art teacher ever, Mr. Black, who played music in class; jazz and classical mostly with a dash of Janis Joplin here n there. And then downloading became a thing... My iPod ruled the world with the GardenState soundtrack on repeat as my sister n I ditched our first community college classes. For two years after high school, all that mattered to me was music, parties and friends. Finally, as my 20th birthday passed in my shitty first apartment, the big question became louder than ever, "What am I going to DO?" So I started painting and taking art classes...Slowly but surely. Now, at 26-years-old, I'm finally almost done with my BA in Graphic Design. I participate in art shows pretty frequently and I'm surrounded by amazing artists. I like to write the names of bands I've been listening to on the back of my artwork... because they deserve a lot of the credit:)

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Just Because You’re An Artist in the Festival, Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Get Kicked Out of It: A True Story

@ VOL 9 ON MAY 31, 2018

Katherine BingleyKatbing ART
“Just Because You’re An Artist in the Festival, Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Get Kicked Out of It: A True Story”
A tale of art, beer, mishaps and adventure; Kat Bingley relives her first experience as a large-scale installation artist.

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Long Beach @ WeWork Long Beach
May 31, 2018