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Kal Barteski

Artist & Activist in Winnipeg Canada

KAL BARTESKI is an artist. Passionate about polar bears, positive words, sea ice and environmental health; she is an advocate for the wild and a promoter of community and collaboration. She loves Winnipeg. She paints polar bears like her life depends on it. She uses brush lettering and ink drips to celebrate imperfection. She created the POLAR BEAR FUND to support innovative polar bear conservation. She coordinated the international mural festival: SeaWalls CHURCHILL. She likes her coffee black and her projects meaningful.

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Kal Barteski: Polar Bear Artist

@ VOL 36 ON NOV 22, 2018

Artist and activist Kal Barteski is a notable figure in the arts scene in Winnipeg who is most famously known for her playful script work and polar bear art. She calls herself a "polar bear artist", and rightfully so as she's successfully spread her work throughout the city and beyond. Here in her PechaKucha Night Winnipeg talk, Kal talks about polar bears (of course), why they're important, and what you can learn from them. She also talks about her work and her initiatives not only in Winnipeg but in Churchill, Manitoba, the polar bear capital of the world.

Kal's talk was recorded live at PechaKucha Night Winnipeg Vol. 36, on November 22 2018, at the Park Theatre. 

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Winnipeg @ The Park Theater and Movie Cafe
Nov 22, 2018