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Justin Jones

Manager in Collingwood Canada

Justin Jones is a project manager, sustainability professional and rabble-rouser with over a decade of experience working to make communities happier, more accessible and more sustainable. He has been working with the Share the Road Cycling Coalition for 6 years, helping communities all over Ontario become better places for people on bikes. He lives in Collingwood, Ontario, where he is often found on the Town's numerous trails with his wife, 2 daughters and 2 Golden Retrievers.

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How Collingwood could become Biketown, Ontario, and what that could mean for our community

@ VOL 2 ON APR 11, 2019

Collingwood is an active community, there is no doubt about it.  With access to skiing, hiking, biking, watersports and more, getting outdoors and being active is in our community's DNA.  Every day you can see people out enjoying the abundance of nature that Georgian Bay Living has to offer. And while cycling for recreation is one of the most popular activities in Collingwood, few people consider a bike as a viable option for transportation in the community, even though every trip that starts and ends in town is easily done in 25 minutes or less on a bike.  Justin will share his experience and expertise on what essential ingredients Collingwood is missing to become a leader in promoting cycling for utilitarian purposes, and will talk about what benefits a community can realize when it prioritizes the mobility of people to reconnect them with their neighbourhoods and their environment. He'll challenge attendees to help to build the kind of community they want to see and show how with a few relatively simple actions, Collingwood could become Ontario's best community to ride a bike and reap all of the rewards that would come along with that title.

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Collingwood @ The Clever Office
Apr 11, 2019