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Jun Yamadera

Founder of Eyes, JAPAN Co. Ltd. in Aizuwakamatsu Japan

Jun Yamadera found Eyes, JAPAN co. ltd. in 1995, the first IT startup from the University of Aizu in Fukushima. In the past 20 years, he has been working on cutting edge projects such as exporting rice via web in 1995, making world 1st virtual pottery system, making historical CG archives of national treasure of Japanese castle, temple, traditional dance and medical motions using motion capture. He organizes world 1st medical security hackathon since 2012. His team won the the championship in Developers Challenge 2013 Health 2.0 in Silicon Valley and won 9th in Russian hacking contest, PhDays CTF 2012. Company’s vision, "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” comes from Clarke's three laws. Now he is working on the project, FUKUSHIMA Wheel. His specific interests include cyber security, smart city, robotics, drone, vertical plants, medical and healthcare, hackathon, singularity, entrepreneurship and so on. TEDxKobe 2015 Speaker.

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FUKUSHIMA Wheel, Reinvent the Wheel

@ VOL 131 ON DEC 16, 2015

福島県会津若松市を拠点に世界を舞台に活躍するベンチャー企業、Eyes, JAPANの代表である山寺純さんが、自転車を活用して環境データの集積やその提供を実現する「FUKUSHIMA Wheel」について、その全貌を公開します!クリエイティブが凝縮されたクールなプロジェクトは、要チェックです!

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Tokyo @ SuperDeluxe
Dec 16, 2015