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Julien Rouger

Freelance tutor in mathematics and statistics, tutor/translator in French and software developer in Maastricht Netherlands

I’m a creative interdisciplinary engineer with a scientific and academic research background. My interests span varied fields such as neuroscience, psychology, astrology, languages, music, and software and web development.

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What Can Astrology Tell You about Your Personality

@ VOL 30 ON JUN 13, 2016

Astrology is a widely misused and misunderstood field of knowledge. Astrology can neither be used to predict future events, nor to assess your degree of morality or intelligence, nor to indicate whom you might become friends or lovers with. The zodiac has nothing to do with star constellations. Your solar sign and rising sign might be completely irrelevant to your personality features. Astrology can give a very detailed view over what are personality features, and which environmental stimulations you give high or low priorities to.

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Maastricht @ De Brandweer
Jun 13, 2016