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Julie Bodam Macartney

Non-profit management in Atlanta United States

Born in South Korea and raised in Illinois, Julie lives temporally suspended between coach class on long-haul flights and her kitchen, between alleyways in Asia searching for art and jewelry and forests in Georgia hunting mushrooms with her dog, Mr. Bixby. She believes in the liberal arts, the noble pursuit of Socratic self-knowledge, emotional honesty, open-mindedness, and humility. In her travels to over three dozen countries, she has found the thread of our common humanity to be stronger than the tangles of hate, and she believes fiercely in that long arc of justice, and that there is only one right way to load the dishwasher.

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Ice Queens
and The Art of not Letting it Go

@ VOL 39 ON MAR 24, 2019

Julie Macartney tells us about her experience of growing up as an adoptee from Korea and making sense of her identity and history.

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Atlanta @ Brother Moto
Mar 24, 2019