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Joyce Lam

Editor in Tokyo Japan

Born in Hong Kong, Joyce graduated with a Bachelor degree in Japanese and Economics from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London. Continuing her interest in Japanese culture, she relocated to Tokyo to pursue her postgraduate research on local art festivals at Keio University SFC. She currently lives in Tokyo and works as an editorial director at Gutenberg Orchestra / United Vagabonds, a creative company and art book publisher.

With a multicultural background together with working experiences at Ito Juku, a NPO that runs workshops, events and exhibitions on architecture with a focus on community development projects in Omishima, Joyce is interested in ways to explore the ideas about the sense of home, memory, identity using interdisciplinary media practices. She is also a keen photographer - her recent personal project is a documentation of local festivals in Japan.

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Thinking About Places

@ VOL 158 ON JUL 25, 2018

In this presentation, Joyce Lam reveals the multiple definitions of "home" and how people's psychological construction of home connects to the physical space. She achieves this by tracing through personal stories and material evidences through the medium of photography and film.



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Tokyo @ SuperDeluxe
Jul 25, 2018