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Josh Mings

Architect, Antunovich Associates in Chicago United States

Josh Mings, AIA is a licensed architect, artist, and educator living in Chicago, embracing both the art and science of architecture and painting. Josh strives for four core values in his work – be it in built form or on canvas:

- Utilizing both pragmatism and poetry to convey meaning and allowing a building or painting to speak
- Connecting to history, context, and site through a dialogue incorporating both similarity and contrast
- Striving for inclusivity by being didactic, allowing a read of the layers making a building or painting
- Optimism through a pushing forward into an uncertain future, creating work of lasting value for future generations

In the realm of architecture, Josh has worked on a variety of projects in multi-family and senior affordable housing, encompassing new construction and historic preservation/renovation projects, at a variety of scales. While painting, Josh focuses on landscape and building subjects striving to bring out each subject/location’s essence and meaning while also focusing on light, texture, and materiality.

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My Hometown of Columbus, Indiana

@ VOL 33 ON MAR 03, 2015

During his lifetime Josh Mings has gravitated toward cities that begin with the letter C. He’s here to talk about the smallest one and the lessons learned living there. 

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Longing For Escape

@ VOL 40 ON NOV 29, 2016

Architect Josh Mings uses his trip to Norway, Iceland to escape mental exhaustion.

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Chicago @ Martyrs'
Nov 29, 2016

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Chicago @ Martyrs'
Mar 03, 2015