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Josh Johnson

Architect, Architectural Design Consultants Inc in Madison, WI United States

Josh is an architect originally from West Texas. He practiced in Texas and New York City prior to coming to Madison almost 20 years ago. He finds that Madison is perfect blend of West Texas and NY in that there is a wonderful level of erudite intelligence always mixed with just a hint of livestock odor. He has 2 wonderful daughters in college in Boston and Whitewater and a lovely, patient and talented wife, Audrey. Josh works at ADCI with a group of fine folks who can also be described as patient and talented but he thinks that it would be weird to call them lovely.

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House for a Situationist (and her family)

@ VOL 26 ON APR 12, 2018

Josh Johnson is a local architect whose side job, hobby, pastimes, and preoccupations involve architecture.  Do not tell him that you wanted to be an architect at a cocktail party.  If he has had a couple of drinks, he will tell you that you made a huge mistake and it will be sad and awkward.  He has been working on a particular house over the last several years.  There is no client, except he thinks that it is a house for everyone:  a Volkshouse if you will. It is subversive though well behaved,and it is both pro- and anti-American.

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Madison, WI @ Monona Terrace Community & Convention Center
Apr 12, 2018