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John Sauve

Artist in Detroit, MI United States

John Sauve is known for his large-scale public sculptures located in numerous public and private collections. In addition to making large scale sculpture, John is a strong supporter of art education in the communities that he exhibits his artwork.

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I Am the Greatest

@ VOL 7 ON DEC 01, 2016

John Sauve is at heart an artist; a sculptor, but he is also the non-profit leader of his own Sauvé Art Foundation, community activist, and teacher to inner-city children through his art programs.  His sculpture work was recently shown at the Chicago Sculpture International Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition in 2012, which included fifty-five large-scale outdoor sculptures from around the world and also included in the 2012 Krasl Biennial Sculpture Exhibition located in St Joe, Michigan. But his most interesting work currently is an on-going sculpture installation, The Man In The City, is which has been literally turning heads all over Metro and downtown Detroit.

The “I am the Greatest” project introduces Muhammad Ali to a new generation. Ali’s story will highlight the over-whelming amount of adversity he faced in standing up for his beliefs and the influence he has had on his generation.  

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St Joseph @ Box Factory for the Arts
Dec 01, 2016

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Detroit @ One-Eyed Betty's
May 21, 2013