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John Osmond

in Forster Australia

My work in Mexico stretches over a thirthy year period.
I studied at the Belles artes and went on to work with some supportive patronsin
and around the San Miguel de Allende area. This was interspersed with a ten year
period of carving in a small mining town for ten years. Pozos was then a provincial
pueblo in need of restoration. Over that time we saw many expats arrive and partake
in the reconstruction. I personally had and ran three art galleries, as well as restoring
various adobe and stone dwellings.
Highlights over these years would be a commission to carve a personalised version
of Don QUijote for the Museo del Iconographico del Quijote in Guanajuato Mexico.
Other larger projects included a Roman paranympho measuring 64 mts in circum'.
This was a feature inside a marble Roman palace owned by Mexican film producer. Gustavo Alatriste.
This was followed by the commission to design and construct a seven mt high Mayan
temple pyramid for the same man.
Later years saw a move towards mayan relief carving with the inclusion of coloured tints.

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Spirit in Stone

@ VOL 4 ON APR 22, 2015

John Osmond displays his incredible stone creations that worship the gods of Mexico whilst living and breathing their culture for decades. It is difficult to comprehend that one man designed and built these sculptures in one lifetime whilst embracing another culture.

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Forster @ Laneway
Apr 22, 2015