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John Merrill-Steskal

Family Physician in Ellensburg United States

John Merrill-Steskal has lived and practiced medicine in Ellensburg since 1994. He is passionate about his work as a family physician, and enjoys caring for individuals and families over the lifespan, fostering a caring and positive work environment, and reaching out to his community. He enjoys all aspects of primary care, but especially promoting healthy life behaviors and the benefits of vaccines.

In 2015 he began “Dr John’s Radio Show” on Ellensburg Community Radio (, as well as a medical blog called “Triple Espresso MD” ( These public platforms provide a creative outlet for him to discuss health and prevention with a broader audience. In 2017 he completed a year long vaccine science fellowship sponsored by The American Academy of Family Physicians. Vaccines are a common topic on his radio show and in his blog.

Dr Merrill-Steskal is blessed to be married to Anne and to have an amazing son, Gabe. Anne and Johns’ interests are many, and include a love for time in nature, bicycling, time with friends, cooking, creating art, and gardening. Their golden retriever dog, Cascade, provides endless love and laughter.

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On Being Human: Perspectives as a Doctor and as a Patient

@ VOL 13 ON MAR 16, 2018

Dr. John Merrill-Steskal shares perspectives on being human - from that of a physician as well as from his lifeーchanging journey as a cancer patient.

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Ellensburg @ Gallery One Visual Arts Center
Mar 16, 2018