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Jofke Van Loon

Artist, Studio Xplo in Tilburg Netherlands

At a young age, Jofke van Loon was already drawing, painting and tinkering. In 1999 she graduated from the Academy for Visual Arts in Tilburg and since then she gives drawing and painting lessons as an entrepreneur. She has a lot of practical experience and followed masterclasses over the years to keep abreast of developments. With her years of experience in an (art)painting shop she broadened her base for an enormous amount of knowledge of materials. And through her experimental way of working she has acquired many technical skills. On you get an impression of her work and projects.

In 2008 Jofke decided to continue her vocation full-time as an artist and inspirator by the name Studio Xplo.

Visio, then called Sensis, asked her to give painting lessons to their clients with a visual impairment in 2008 and 2009. The experiences they gained together were so impressive that Jofke mobilized fellow artists and people with visual impairments at the end of 2009 to start Zie je wel(?); the project for non-visual art experience. Together they explored sensory perception to share their outcomes with others through exhibitions, interactive presentations and workshops. You can watch the video of the exhibition in 2015:

In 2011, Jofke founded the KIVI Foundation, which stands for 'Kunst Is Voor Iedereen' (Art Is For Everybody). She mobilized a board, even more fellow artists and volunteers to make art participation possible for anyone who experiences thresholds.

For those who want to look broader during his search for artistic education and communication, in 2012 Jofke wrote her book 'Je zintuigen als inspiratie' (Your senses as an inspiration). She bundled her experiences including inspiring assignments and artist stories. This, together with recognizable examples from practice and her fluent writing style, make this book a valuable reading experience for everyone.

Meanwhile, Jofke organized several art events and exhibitions in-house and on commission, and accompanied Studio Xplo as a recognized training company with over forty trainees.

At the end of 2013 she started the development of the Taktila method™ for people with visual impairment. Meanwhile, it has resulted in a completely tangible color system, extensive learning box and accompanying educational resources. With this system insight into the colorful visual world is gained.

In the meantime Jofke, as founder and coordinator of the KIVI Foundation, has coached dozens of volunteers during their reactivation or reintegration process. Some of them are currently working in the Taktila™ Atelier, support activities on an on-call basis or have, over the years, acquired another suitable function that matches their competencies. For others Studio Xplo has been a station on their way to the regular labor market.

One thing is certain: Jofke knows how to inspire, motivate and activate the people on her way.

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@ VOL 10 ON JUL 17, 2018

Hoe kun je kleuren ervaren als je blind bent? Jofke van Loon raakte gefacineerd door dit onderwerp en ontwikkelde Taktila: een voelbaar kleurensysteem.

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Tilburg @ Theater De Nieuwe Vorst
Jul 17, 2018