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Jo Cuthell

Alexander Technique Teacher and Traditional African Healer in York United Kingdom

I grew up In the dry land of Southern Africa, barefoot and free on a farm with all the trimmings. Attending the loving Johannesburg Steiner school with my team players. Once complete I trained as a Chef in the glorious Cape Town, coming away realising that that was NOT what I wanted to do!! I suddenly overnight became ill with server back pain and paralysis in the legs. My journey began on the path to alternative medicine. I trained in Brighton for three years as an Alexander Technique Teacher to assist in my own healing and continued onto Crania-Sacral Biodynamics to further this healing. Only to find myself back in bed with the same situation. This was then the start of my Journey into what lay on my door step. Traditional African Medicine. I ended up training in Botswana under the Apprenticeship of some amazing teachers. I became a Sangoma ( Traditional African doctor) in 2003 and have journeyed with it to amazing places with Clients and within myself. I am a Mom of two beautiful children and now a Steiner Parent enjoying the ups and downs of life with much enthusiasm. My heart in this midlife stage is now longing for Africa and the medicine Earth people that work with the Earth.

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A Young Woman's Journey Into African Initiation

@ VOL 17 ON OCT 30, 2018

From Walking through the gates of a small initiation school in Botswana,
Joanne Cuthell discovered a world of deep spiritual healing through song, dance and the beating drums.
She discovered a world that allowed her to access her lineage and resolve the past sufferings of the many generations that came before. 
The communities support and the wisdom of the elders allowed the healing to manifest in its fullness. 
She shares images and echoes them with words that allow a unique glimpse into the world of the Sangoma.
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York @ Cafe 68 - Cycle Heaven
Oct 30, 2018