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Jennifer Hoyt

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Ellensburg Enthusiast, Mom, Activist, Realtor and Event Planner

Jennifer Hoyt came to Ellensburg in the spring of 1999, as many young people do, to complete her degree at Central Washington University. As a resident of Ellensburg she fell in love with the history, surroundings and vibrancy of the community.

After earning a degree in Anthropology/Archaeology, and marrying her college sweetheart, Jen spent a few years outdoors happily documenting the archaeological record. A volunteer position at Planned Parenthood turned into a full time job and she made the transition to working with the social service agency.

In 2005, the Hoyt family grew by one and Jen decided to stay home to be with their first son. In the meantime, she completed coursework and state licensing to become a Real Estate Broker. For the past 10 years, she has been sharing her passion and excitement for the Kittitas Valley by helping match people to properties.

Meanwhile, Jen and Bryan added two more Hoyts to the world and dove full swing into life with a busy family of 5. Jennifer’s connection and love of this community and her kids has led to campaign work to get school bonds and levies passed, a position on the county’s Board of Equalization and active involvement in local politics.

Jen recognizes her constant craving for community, activism, connection and celebration. Her knack for design and event planning, and a two great friends with complementary skill sets and objectives, led to the creation of Harrow & Hive Collective in 2015.

Thus far, H&H Collective has partnered with non-profit organizations to create immersive events that showcase not only their cause, but local businesses, services, landscapes and more.

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Harrow & Hive

@ VOL 5 ON FEB 19, 2016

Learn about the collective power of Harrow & Hive as Pyper Stever, Jennifer Hoyt, and Christina Miller share their passions for local, community and progressive issues and challenge Ellensburg  to stop saying, "You know what Ellensburg needs?" and start saying, "Do you know what we can do?"

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Ellensburg @ Gallery One Visual Arts Center
Feb 19, 2016