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Jen Patterson

CEO and Co-Founder of Non-Profit Farm, Century Harvest Farms Foundation in Greenback United States

Jen Patterson is the CEO, and Co-Founder, of Century Harvest Farms Foundation. She established CHFF over a year and a half ago with her co-founder, and friend, Christopher Burger. During her time as CEO, CHFF has been awarded TNCO's Business of the year award, opened a farm store, carrying products made by participants in their social enterprise, donated over 2,200 lbs of fresh produce to Second Harvest Food Bank, and has welcomed over 400 volunteers from all over East Tennesse on their farm. She believes that food is a human right and that all people, no matter their socioeconomic background, should have access to nutritionally dense food. She hopes to be able to replicate this program in other areas of the great State of Tennessee, by 2022.

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Century Harvest Farms

@ VOL 30 ON FEB 21, 2019

In our rural East Tennessee farming communities, the very places where crops are grown to feed the world, many face food insecurity and the issues associated with it. Jen Patterson speaks about the Century Harvest Farms Foundation and its focus on empowering and engaging with people from all backgrounds to improve the health and wellness of our rural East Tennessee communities through work centered programming and access to fresh produce.

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Knoxville @ Mill and Mine
Feb 21, 2019