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Jen & Julia Pistone & Dewhurst

Self Employed, Brick & Mortar Living in New Westminster Canada

Mother & Daughter, two thirds of the Brick & Mortar Living ladies. We own a quaint shop in New Westminster, BC called Brick & Mortar Living. You can find local designs, unique gifts and nostalgia for the home inside, along with a sense of community, warmth and merriment. Our hope is to infuse whichever community we are a part of with pride, creativity and vibrancy through different projects; we are inspired by those around us and want to share our vision.

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Social Media in Brick & Mortar

@ VOL 1 ON JAN 24, 2013

Jen Pistone and Julia Dewhurst explain the role social media plays in making small local shops profitable, and how to best use the various media outlets to bring in new customers, create an online presence, and build a community around their store. They utilize a variety of means from the seemingly simple photos of a day in the shop, to collaborations with other artists and engineering posts based on statistics and feedback.

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New Westminster @ River Market
Jan 24, 2013