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Jemima Willcox

Portrait Photographer, Self Employed in Cambridge United Kingdom

I'm a self-employed portrait photographer. I specialise in professional portraits for female business owners and entrepreneurs along with corporate work.
I want to learn as much as possible about you even before I pick up my camera, to bring your personality shining through in your images. I’m here to contribute to progressing your life in the way you want it to go with the best visual representation possible. I gain pleasure seeing people achieve and progress towards their goals.
When I photograph a person, my ultimate goal is to bring the best parts of their personality to the surface. Building a rapport with the person I’m photographing is the key to the best shot.

You can find me in Cambridge in my studio accompanied by my cat. Otherwise, I might be cooking up a storm or loom knitting.

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How Not to Look Awful in Photos

@ VOL 11 ON SEP 05, 2017

Jemima Willcox provides some really simple tricks and tips on when taking a great image of yourself. She goes through a journey of awful stock photography of people getting their images dreadfully wrong and how you can avoid these mistakes. It’s all to do with the right angle, the perfect lighting and finding your best side. With over 282 million selfies out there Jemima doesn’t want you to be the person who looks bad when there’s some easy solutions to follow for a great photo every time.

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Cambridge @ Espresso Library
Sep 05, 2017