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Jed Wolf

Singer in St. Augustine United States

I sing for people with dementia. Rather than performing, I do something I call “Intimate Singing." This one-on-one technique involves making and holding eye contact while treating people as whole, desirable and worthy of sophisticated attention through love songs. Unlike flirting, "intimate singing" is a powerful form of communication to people. who are forgetting their families and loosing the ability to use words. When faced with a loved one's dementia, family visits diminish, yet frequent affirmations of love are still vital, perhaps more than ever. For people who endure unimaginable indignities daily, "Intimate singing" helps the most deserving people on earth feel respected and desirable again.
With a history in performing, I encourage other refugees from the entertainment world to join me. I host “Jedediah’s Love Song Lounge” where the only requirement of my guests is to get close, maintain eye contact and quit "performing." People with dementia blossom with joy being sung to this way and their warm feelings last. Unlike entertainment suitable for regular audiences or children, or even nostalgia, "Intimate singing" enhances the present lives of elder sages with love.

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Phantom of the Rest Home

@ VOL 11 ON OCT 22, 2018

Travel with Jed Wolf through his journey in finding his audience. Jed was always a performer but couldn't connect witih traditional audiences. An unfortunate experience of having to put his mother into a rest home resulted in the fortune of findind an audience that Jed could finally reach and enjoy.

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St. Augustine @ St. Augustine Amphitheater
Oct 22, 2018