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Javier Ayora

Director - Architect, Flexibuildit in Broome Australia

Javier Ayora is an Architect interested in design and construction of affordable living. He started building with his own hands houses in timber and earth, after he produced a research paper in self-build as alternative procurement method for Indigenous Australians, and won an innovative grant to design and construct a home under 50 thousands. Now, he is embarked in the development of innovative building system combining modularity, flexibility and mass customization which in the future will allow anyone to afford a house.

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A Home Anyone Can Afford

@ VOL 3 ON JUL 07, 2015

Javier Ayora provides a refreshing outlook on housing procurement possibilties. He presents a model of adaptabilty and growth throughout the lifetime of the home owner that defies many standard development models.

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Broome @ Diver's Tavern - Beach Bar
Jul 07, 2015