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James Muller

artist and videographer, Earth Base Productions in Sunshine Coast Australia

James Muller has 20 years experience in the film, television and digital media industries. James is director of Earth Base Productions, a multi-disciplinary, creative media studio.

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Reading Clouds: Floating Middens

@ VOL 23 ON SEP 20, 2017

James Muller is an artist and videographer based on the Sunshine Coast.  Since 2003 James has been involved in the ongoing evolution of the ‘Floating Land’ ephemeral sculpture program. A key focus of James' artistic practice is the exploration cultural connections to place or landscape.  At Floating Land 2013 James collaborated with renowned New Zealand artist Michel Tuffery to create ‘Reading Clouds : Floating Middens’.  James presented a retrospective of this project, with voice over via the phone, as he was held up with preparing his work for this year's Floating Land program!  

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Sunshine Coast @ The J
Sep 20, 2017