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James "JP" Poulter

Senior Manager, Social @LEGO_Group, Consumer Tech Expert, Geek Dad, Worship Leader, The LEGO Group in London United Kingdom

There are some people who can be summed up in a 500 word biography. There are other's who can't. JP wishes he was the former. JP (or James if you like it formal) is the Head of Social for LEGO's digital kids communities. He has been at LEGO for just over 7 months after a career in digital marketing agencies which can be generally be summed up as putting things on the internet for money. JP has been known on occasion to offer life advice, spiritual musings, poetry and random thoughts on what technology is doing to our humanity on the web through whatever transient media seemed popular at the time - currently that's mostly instagram and Snapchat. James is Dad to Hazel (1), Wife to Holly (it's rude to ask) and lives in Blackheath, Greenwich. Well would you look at that... 136 words did it. #Nice

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How Lego Taught Me to PLAY

@ VOL 11 ON JUN 16, 2016

In How Lego taught me to PLAY JP (or James Poulter if you like it formal), Head of Social for LEGO's digital kids communities, addresses how the modern world has sucked the play and fun out of everyday life - especially for adults! Has social media has turned us all in spectators rather than participants?

In 6.40 minutes JP shares some ideas for how we can bring the fun back into life, even if it is through the use of modern technology (JP's personal favourite is Snapchat!).

Listen in for the end when JP recites to us a brand new poem, featuring Snapchat!

This was "Presentation of the Day" on June 12th, 2017.  

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London @ Protein Studios
Jun 16, 2016