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James Heginbottom

Graphic Deisgner in Brighton United Kingdom

#Illustration | #Collage | #GraphicDesign | #Brighton

Graduate of the University of Brighton BA/Hons Illustration and the MA Art & Design by Independent Project programmes, James is creative who explores the obscure and distorted vision of ghosts and spectres in the world around him. Through the use of collage and digital mixer media, the composition of elements from vintage and archive photography creates uncanny and surreal images of spectres, ghosts and forms.

Using both analogue and digital collage techniques, the work makes use of tones, texture and imperfections to build these abstract forms in a relatable way. They distort the human form and the landscape they inhabit to expose feelings of insecurity, unease, isolation and distance. Look beyond the veil.

Instagram: @jamesheg

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Where do ghosts live?

@ VOL 33 ON JUN 26, 2019

Collage-artist James Heginbottom shares his project on where ghosts live. Make sure you keep watching to hear the answer...

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Brighton @ The Nightingale Room
Jun 26, 2019