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Jake Ryan

Founder + Director @ Open Bench Project, Open Bench Project in Portland, Maine United States

I believe in Safety Third. Coming right after curiosity and courage. For with out and curiosity you will never get out of bed, and with out any courage, you will never find yourself needing any safety.

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Open Bench Project

@ VOL 41 ON MAY 24, 2018

Jake Ryan founded the OBP with a mind toward providing a place for people to gather around the idea of sharing skills, knowledge, and resources concerning the maker movement, about the process of identifying, collecting and fostering the OBP community, about what makes it “community”. He shares some of the struggles he had to endure for that distinction.

He speaks about what he is doing there, why he advocates for it and why it is both constructive and creative.

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Portland Maine @ Portland House of Music and Events
May 24, 2018