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Jahi Mackey

Program Director/Founder, The 821 Project in Baton Rouge United States

Jahi Mackey was born and raised in Baton Rouge. During his high school years, Jahi was a member of the Louisiana Youth Advisory Council, a People to People International Ambassador and a participant in the Forward Arts, Inc. WordCrew program. He was also in theatre and vocal music. These high school experiences instilled a since of global citizenship and an appreciation for authentic self-expression. Those experiences inspired Jahi to obtain a Bachelor's Degree in International Studies from the University of New Orleans and a Masters of Arts in Intercultural Service Leadership and Management from the School of International Training (SIT) Graduate Institute in Brattleboro, Vermont.

Currently, Jahi Mackey is the Program Director for The 821 Project. 821 is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that promotes global citizenship by providing intercultural and social justice education to the south Louisiana community. The organization hosts book discussions, community dialogues, community summits, international travel, seminars, and workshops to encourage social consciousness and diversity in the south Louisiana community. Jahi started 821 in an effort to provide more genuine socially conscious, cross-cultural interactions in the community and fill the gap that existed for a multicultural education organization serving the south Louisiana community. Since its founding, The 821 Project has provided opportunities for international, intercultural and intergenerational interactions in the local and regional community. Community members from various levels of society have come together to discuss issues concerning education for social change, racism, ageism, religion, and countless others.

Overall, Jahi is passionate about improving his local community by creating opportunities for community members to have the same cross-cultural experiences he had during his adolescent years and continues to have as a young adult. His overall goal is to create a south Louisiana where everyone feels welcome and included, and differences are not overlooked, downplayed, or marginalized, but appreciated and affirmed. More importantly, he hopes that future generations see themselves as being able to make a difference locally and find a sense of belonging in their own communities.

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The Journey of The 821 Project

@ VOL 6 ON OCT 27, 2017

Jahi Mackey shares the journey of The 821 Project, a nonprofit organization that he founded to promote global citizenship and multicultural community empowerment in south Louisiana. By sharing the story of 821, he also shares how he used his unique voice and life experiences to fill a longstanding void in our city and region.

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Baton Rouge @ MidCity Ballroom
Oct 27, 2017