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Jack Langworthy

CEO, Ninayo in San Francisco United States

In 2009, Jack Langworthy moved from his home in Los Angeles to a remote Tanzanian village to teach mathematics as a Peace Corps Volunteer. In the village he became obsessed with agriculture, as everyone farmed for a living and seemed stuck in a cycle of poverty. He worked for years with various NGO's to connect farmers and markets more efficiently in Tanzania. In 2013 he completed his MBA at the Copenhagen Business School and moved to Almhult, Sweden as a business analyst at IKEA headquarters. After reading Peter Thiel's book Zero to One, Jack became convinced that software could innovate African agriculture at scale. He and his coworker Magnus Kerker got to work building NINAYO and founded NINAYO AB. Together they built an online trading platform so remote farmers could access buyers outside of their villages and get their food to market at a better price: for consumers and farmers.

In 2016, the Chairman and cofounder of Uber, Garrett Camp, invested in NINAYO. Today Jack splits his time between the nicest offices in San Francisco and the remote bush of Tanzania. NINAYO is growing rapidly with 20,000 users and now partnered with the UNCDF, USAID and Heifer International to scale continent wide.

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Dar es Salaam @ Triniti Guesthouse, Bar and Restaurant
Nov 09, 2017