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Intan Anggita

in Jakarta Indonesia

Intan known as social movement and cultural/arts activist. She became one of the main figures behind the #savelokananta campaign, a collective act to preserve historical Lokananta music studio which caught the attention of thousands of users of social media. Aside from working as freelance social media consultant and managing her eco-tourism blog, she is also responsible for reviving one of the hippest creative place in South Jakarta, Santa market, with her music/art shop "Sub-Store". Intan also writes about music on her blog,

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Music // Cultural Provocateur

@ VOL 19 ON SEP 23, 2014

Intan tells her story as she pursued her passion in music through various medium and journey. From a simple chat exchanging music knowledge #bincangminggu via Twitter, built awareness on music history & preservation through #sahabatlokananta movement, opened music/art store 'Substore', and embracing the cultural sense of music from the eastern part of Indonesia with