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Indra Aziz

Vocal coach, saxophonist, and composer in Jakarta Indonesia

Indra Aziz is known as a professional musician and vocal coach. Some of the names he's ever coached, including famous singer Agnes Monica, Afgan, Momo Geisha, and Rossa. His name was getting more spotlight when he became a vocal coach in a number of prestigious music show on television, including Indonesian Idol and X-Factor Indonesia. Although better known for his work on the screen, this marketing and video games enthusiast are also built his reputation by establishing VokalPlus. Through his company, he has launched a number of vocal lessons, including a sing-along CD and DVD tutorial. Currently, Indra is also active as a lecturer at a number of prestigious universities, such as Pelita Harapan University and the Indonesian Institute of Music.

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Let's Sing with Indra Aziz

@ VOL 19 ON SEP 23, 2014

As a vocal coach, Indra Aziz believes that singing is the purest form of music, because the vocal chords are one of a kind musical instrument. Singing can be trained, and it should involved 'muscle' and 'heart'. His passion in singing lead him to spread his coaching through social media, particularly Twitter and YouTube, and reach even more disciples, ranging from upscale celebrities to janitor.