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Iman Fattah

Musician, Producer and Sound Designer., Enterpreneur in Jakarta Indonesia

Musician, Producer, Composer, Sound Designer, Installation Artist and Multimedia Performer from Jakarta, Indonesia. Iman has been active in Indonesian rock and experimental music scene for the past 15 years, playing guitar in his own band Zeke and the Popo and RAKSASA. Additionally he produces music for films, theater and commercials.

Iman is the Producer and musical Director for Tika and The Dissidents, the band who's album was awarded best album in 2009 from Rolling Stone and Tempo magazine.

In 2010, Iman collaborated with cutting edge film director Joko Anwar as sound designer in the award winning theatrical performance Onrop.

In 2013, Iman collaborated with Oddball Films and Video in the biggest and prestigious annual event Night Light in Somarts gallery, San Francisco. Later that year, Iman played once again for Somarts event Convergence Line. This time, the performance was live-streamed from Jakarta, Indonesia and projected to the Somarts gallery wall in San Francisco.

Iman now resides in Jakarta, Indonesia.

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Harmony through Sound Design

@ VOL 19 ON SEP 23, 2014

Iman Fattah has been in the Indonesia's rock and experimental music world since approximately 15 years ago, as a guitarist in his own band; Zeke and the Popo and RAKSASA. Growing up, he never though music will be one of his greatest passion. In PechaKucha, Iman take us as he strips down music into one single element: sound. As an aspiring sound designer, he learned how to synchronize sound with visuals through film scoring project. 'Music' is not necessarily comes in 'band' form, instead, simple toe-tapping in dance rhythm is also music. The challenge in 'designing' sound is how far can we shape them, not only by hearing but also listening. Listen means paying more attention, so eventually we can create our own harmony.