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Ibrahima Sory Kaba

PhD fellow at United Nations University-MERIT, United Nations University in Maastricht Netherlands

Before coming to Maastricht to undertake a PhD in economics in 2013, Ibrahima Sory Kaba travelled a long way that led him from his home country Guinea, to Morocco, and then to France.
Statistician, mathematician, amateur historian, and political scientist in his spare time, Ibrahima is a curious mind, quick to question the world around him. He remains fascinated by countries' narratives and the huge role played by economic growth through education, innovation and inclusive institutions in shaping the well-being of the people of those countries.

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The Mystery of Economic Growth

@ VOL 24 ON DEC 09, 2014

Far more than an intellectual puzzle for pundits, economists, and policymakers, economic growth - its makings and workings - is a subject that affects the well-being of billions of people around the globe: from the slums of Delhi and Nairobi, to the skyscrapers of Manhattan and Hong Kong.

Taking a closer look at the example of China, Ibrahima Sory Kaba examines the huge discrepancy in standards of living throughout the world and the factors affecting the sustainability of economic growth.

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Maastricht @ Lumière Cinema
Jun 19, 2018

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Maastricht @ De Brandweer
Dec 09, 2014