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HUNK Design

Architects & Artists in Rotterdam Netherlands

HUNK-design makes well built and attractive architecture, interiors and urban interventions. The office is run by architect Bart Cardinaal and designer/artist Nadine Roos. With a crisp and strong handwriting HUNK-design makes designs to bring people together. Half of the projects are made in assignment and the other half is done on own initiative. HUNK-design makes sure that the projects are realized through an open and pleasant design process. The wishes of the client are quickly and efficiently translated in a unique design. Because of a large experience with the most varied projects, the office establishes a good completion of its designs.

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Putting the Fun into Funky Spaces

@ VOL 116 ON JUL 30, 2014

HUNK Design duo Bart Cardinaal and Nadine Roos come from Rotterdam, Netherlands and here they show off some of their radical interior and exterior design work. From funky interior redesigns and remodels, to outdoor patterned park spaces using artificial grass, HUNK is changing the way people use and interact with space. 

"Presentation of the Day" on September 12, 2014.

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Tokyo @ SuperDeluxe
Jul 30, 2014