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Hsin-yi Hu

in Taipei city Taiwan

Hsinyi Hu founded Goldilocks Production in 2017 and has been leading her team to make every project "just right", no more, no less.

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Exhibition:No More, No Less

@ VOL 40 ON AUG 31, 2019

2017年7月成立均勻製作,致力於讓每個專案都是恰到好處的呈現,以展覽製作轉譯藝術,貼近生活,策劃統籌2019臺北市立文獻館「娛樂時代」特展、2018年國立故宮博物院「亞洲探險記」特展,2017年統籌的國立故宮博物院「品牌的故事」特展及策劃宜蘭中興文創園區「紙的進化論」入選Shopping Design雜誌2018年Best 100年度最佳展覽。同時以工作室經理的身份協助國內藝術家如席時斌、姚仲涵、莊志維等進行跨界合作計畫,包含2019年莊志維參加「六本木藝術之夜」、「東京資生堂旗艦店藝術櫥窗計畫」、2018年釜山市立美術館舉辦的「植物學—東亞當代藝術展」;2019年姚仲涵參加「誠品30信義藝術計劃」、2018年「adidas 4D發表」;並策劃2015年席時斌於台東美術館的「海王星—想像之徑」、2014年於台北當代藝術館的「記憶之宮」個展。


To her, Exhibition production is an approach to translate art into true lifestyle aesthetics. Productions that she is proudly affiliated with include The Age of Entertainment (2019) in Taipei City Archives, Expedition to Asia (2018) in National Palace Museum. Evolution of Paper (2018) in Chung-Hsin Cultural and Creative Park curated by her and Story of A Brand Name (2017) in National Palace Museum that she produced are both selected as the best exhibitions in Best 100 Award by Shopping Design Magazine. Hu is not only a producer but also a studio manager to assist artists Hsi Shih-Pin, Yao Chung-Han and Chuang Chih-Wei to coordinate cross-field projects, including Roppongi Art Night 2019, Shiseido Window Art Project in Ginza, Tokyo, Art Eslite Hsinyi (2019), Botanica--Contemporary Art in East Asia curated by Busan Museum of Art and Adidas 4D Launch Event (2018). She also curated Neptune--Path to Imagination (2015) in Taitung Art Museum and The Memory Palace (2014) in MOCA Taipei for Hsi Shih-Pin.