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in Taipei city Taiwan

賽先生科學工廠 創辦人/室內設計師
Bachelor of Architecture, Feng Chia University
Founder of Mr.Sci Science Factory / Interior designer
Bachelor of Architecture, Feng Chia University

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Mr.Sci Science Factory:combine science, art and design

@ VOL 40 ON AUG 31, 2019

本身雖然是建築的專業背景,卻遊走於各種不同的設計範疇,包含建築及室內設計,傳達設計及產品設計以及餐飲。室內設計作品曾經榮獲TID設計大獎,也曾榮獲德國iF傳達設計及日本GOOD DESIGN大獎及德國紅點設計大獎。並不定期的為各大媒體撰寫專欄,推廣將設計趣味與生活美學結合的生活態度。




Although my major professional background is architecture, I am still working in a variety of different design areas. Including architecture, interior design, communication design, product design, and catering. One of my interior design project has won the TID Design Award, and for the product design part has also won the German iF product design award, Japan GOOD DESIGN Award and German Red Dot Design Award. I regularly write columns for public media to promote a lifestyle that combines the fun of design and life aesthetics.

At the same time, in order to break through the dilemma of global design, I founded “Mr.Sci Science Factory” in 2009. I hope to combine science, art and design. Gather those works which have the core power from Taiwan and spread them to all over the world.

In recent years, I have tried to share the interests of science through self-media. So far there are more than 10 million people passionately responding, and at the same time, I hope that the correct scientific knowledge can be deeply implanted into the hearts of the people through fun communication.