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Landscape Architects specialising in co-design, HERE+NOW in EDINBURGH United Kingdom

We are a landscape architecture studio specialised in co-design. We offer an experienced team of place-makers, landscape architects, urban designers, photographers and film-makers.

In all our work we put people at the heart of place and design. Through co-design workshops, live design sessions, exhibitions and participatory events we work with local communities to combine their local knowledge with our design expertise.

The output is more resilient, improved design - from green spaces, to streetscapes, urban masterplans, community gardens or urban research. We visually document this design process including user engagement through film, photography and summary infographics and publications to give voice to the process and share its outputs.

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Here is the Place - Now is the Time

@ VOL 33 ON APR 22, 2016

HERE+NOW is a landscape architecture studio specialised in co-design. We deliberately combine engagement and design processes to integrate stakeholders and help realise more meaningful places. We have developed a range of innovative tools and techniques to help put people at the heart of design in the built environment. We constantly iterate and evolve these tools, testing their application in different contexts and sharing our findings.  We use film, photography, events and publications to visually capture, communicate and share this holistic design process and its outcomes with communities and decision makers alike. Feeding back to those who have input into a project and feeding forward our learnings to share with the wider industry. User-centred design, but for landscape architecture.

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Reimagining Urban Places

@ VOL 28 ON JUL 06, 2016

How can underused city spaces be used to bring together community and reimagine their potential? 

HERE+NOW will be talking about how we can use our urban spaces more productively, illustrated with examples from their Space To Sit community build event, Hold Me Dear outdoor community photography exhibition and Wasteland Collective interventions and research.

A Landscape Architect passionate about making places better, Liz Thomas co-founded HERE+NOW in 2014 to put people back at the heart of design for the built environment. HERE+NOW is an Edinburgh-based landscape architecture studio that specialises in co-design. Integrating community engagement, prototyping, events and exhibitions from the very start of the design process, HERE+NOW work with local people to reimagine their local places through both longer term design outcomes and more temporary interventions.


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Glasgow @ The Whisky Bond
Jul 06, 2016

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Edinburgh @ Epworth Hall
Apr 22, 2016