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Heather Milne

Marketing and Photography, Takahe Marketing & Design Solutions in Christchurch New Zealand

Combining active relaxation and chaos with regular naps. Marketing, beehives, and family. Studying and obsessive about photography, particularly architecture and social commentary photography in post-quake Christchurch, New Zealand.
My camera and lens' are second hand and v old. If you win Lotto, feel free to donate a Canon 6D and a couple of new lenses to me.

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Why I Fell in Love with Photography and What I Did About It

@ VOL 30 ON MAR 15, 2017

Heather Milne, obsessed with details, recently fell in love with photography. She loves following light, capturing animals and documenting patterns, lines and rhythms. She uses photography as a tool to explore ways of weaving details into stories.  

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Christchurch @ The Great Hall
Mar 15, 2017