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Heather H

Social Worker, Verbal Processor

Heather is a married mother of two and an allied health professional living in the greater Vancouver area. She has a thing for loud music, talk radio, BC wine, Canadian literature, avocados, lip gloss, the obituaries, running, and rain storms. She regularly bursts into tears at the twisted sadness that permeates life or, alternatively, the humbling beauty that can be located around every corner. Heather is incapable of not getting mushy about community spirit, will often share her love for you to the point of making you uncomfortable, and is known to say outlandish and disinhibited things when you least expect it. She relies heavily on her man to keep her grounded and she is super charged to keep fighting the good fight by her boys, and their wonderous spirits that shine bright. When Heather grows up she might become a boutique gallery owner, a children’s author, or both.

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Remembering Forward: talking to children about death

@ VOL 15 ON JUN 03, 2017

Heather H has a keen (and strange) interest in how to best support children come to learn and process news of a sudden death. In her presentation, she talks about how amazed she is by how wise children are and humbled by their capacity to teach adults, particularly if we create space and safety for them to do so.

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New Westminster @ Anvil Centre - 14th Floor
Feb 25, 2017