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H.Fish Fish

Artist and social commentator, self in Forster Australia

Internationally acclaimed artist and social commentator, H. Fish,
is driven by life experiences and social awareness to create a colourful commentary on the social environment as he sees it.
With his indicative urbanesque style Fish draws the viewer in to discover the true meaning of the heavily layered historic and modern day symbolism. Fish isolates his subject matter and delivers imagery with challenging, often confrontational or controversial elements without losing the high the visuality that appeals to young and old. Viewers can enjoy the playful elements or dig deeper.

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From the Summer of Love to Now

@ VOL 1 ON APR 16, 2014

H.Fish Fish exhibits from a stellar array of surreal art and expressionism. Fish displays work from album covers during the 'Summer of Love' for Jimi Hendrix, John Mayall and Albert King to work on the Batman and Dr Seuss Movies to work for Amnesty International, general progressive thought and political integrity.

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Forster @ Laneway
Apr 16, 2014