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Giovanni innella

Designer and Assistant Professor in Design, Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology in Tokyo Japan

Sometimes I'm from Italy, sometimes I'm from The Netherlands, sometimes I'm from Tokyo. Sometimes I'm a designer, sometimes I'm an artist, sometimes I'm a professor. Most of the times I make things. When I make things, I always make them with people I encounter along my path. This presentation is about my work, but it is also about those incredible people I have made my work with.

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Design Crafts

@ VOL 154 ON JAN 31, 2018

Journeying through the profession of design, Giovanni Innella meets and collaborates with craftsmen and makers. Every project is not only an effort to create something together with them, but a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn about his or her craft, about who he or she is.

Giovanni Innellaはデザイナーとしての職人や製造者の方とのかかわりの中で、ただ何かを一緒につくるというだけの関係に止まらず、彼らの技術について真摯に学び、彼ら自身の人生についても向き合ってきた体験について語ってくれます。


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Tokyo @ SuperDeluxe
Jan 31, 2018