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Gilad Meron

in New Orleans United States

Gilad Meron is an independent designer, researcher, writer and strategist focused on community design practice and design education. His current work includes research and program development for the Autodesk Foundation, strategy and visual communication for Enterprise Community Partners, and writing for various design publications. Most recently he co-founded a design collective and coworking space in New Orleans called the Blue House, where he’s working to build a community of creative and ambitious young professionals. Gilad is particularly interested in intersection of economics, public policy, and design, and strives to focus his work around civic engagement. Gilad earned his BS in Design and Environmental Analysis with a focus in Environmental Psychology from Cornell University.

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What is Design Thinking?

@ VOL 15 ON FEB 03, 2015

Designer, researcher, writer and strategist, Gilad Meron, shares his take on the process and practice of design thinking and the need for collaborative discourse between different disciplines which leads to something greater. He discusses that the design thinking process goes beyond the idea and leads you to something to unexpected outcomes.

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New Orleans @ St. Martin's Episcopal School
Feb 03, 2015