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Gayane Manukyan

in Yerevan Armenia

Gayane Manukyan is the Founder of Yerevan 2.0 urban incubator, marketing manager at Ameriabank, Journalist and filmmaker. She lived and studied in Moscow for more than 10 years. After graduating Moscow state Lomonosov University in 2007 and quitting her job at Armenia TV as a special correspondent, Gayane moved to United States (LA , CA) for studying filmmaking in NYFA. The biggest goal of her life always was to create something valuable for her country and to be able to make a difference in her homeland. She repatriated to Armenia 4 years ago. SheI works at Yerevan 2.0 urban incubator, where they promote social entrepreneurship and implement different urban projects for Yerevan city.

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Yerevan 2.0: How to make a difference

@ VOL 23 ON APR 10, 2017

Gayane Manukyan speaks about the ongoing projects at Yerevan 2.0 incubator as she invites the audience to join the creative urban development initiatives in the  Armenian capital. 

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Yerevan @ TUMO Center for Creative Technologies
Apr 10, 2017