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Gabriel Pontbriand

Lighting Designer, Moment Factory in Montreal Canada

Moment Factory
Lead Creatif equipe Environement , Lighting Designer ยท
since november2004
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Moment Factory

@ VOL 21 ON APR 14, 2012

75 multimedia artists work at Moment Factory. Although the studio is based in Montreal, Canada, the team is composed of people from around the world and from various backgrounds, including dance, architecture, lighting design, programming, engineering, graphic design, illustration, music, production and more. What Gabriel Pontbriand loves so much about his job is that each project is a surprising adventure. Having and international and multidisciplinary group of people working together allows them to imagine interactions between technology and emotion that are unique each time.

"Presentation of the Day" on March 18, 2013.

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Frankfurt @ Deutsches Architekturmuseum (DAM)
Apr 14, 2012