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Gabriel Embeha

Performance Artist, Game Creator, Filmmaker, Anthropologist in Detroit United States

Born and raised in Michigan's I-94 Corridor, Gabriel Embeha came of age in Detroit's Punk scene between 1979 and 1981, going on to live in Ann Arbor and many places around the world, but spending most of his life in Berlin, New York City, and Michigan.

His work has evolved from game-like writing and game-like performances using objects and images, to the creation of (quasi) serious games, alternate-reality-game-like adventures, and filmmaking.

For the last 15 years, this work has involved carrying out a long series of experiments in cultural research via hands-on work as:
a Cultural Anthropologist
a Neuroscience Researcher
a Bioethicist
a US Presidential Campaign Policy Advisor
a Candidate for US House of Representatives
a Political Consultant, and
a Government Researcher

Most of what he does is neither literature, science, fine art, nor statecraft, at least in any contemporary configuration. Yet, he hopes it speaks to some of the best motivations of each.

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Emblem, I

@ VOL 16 ON AUG 21, 2013

Emblem, I is a transmedia story told via a wide variety of objects, events and participants worldwide. It includes a novel, a feature film and a number of performance pieces. The enigmatic Gabriel Embeha gives us a peek into the alternate world he has created.

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Detroit @ Hamtramck Public Library
Aug 21, 2013