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Freddie Heartline

Blockchain Investor + Evangelist + Advisor in Hanoi Viet Nam

Original 90's cyberpunk and raver. Former film professional. Cryptocurrency Investor + Evangelist, Co-founder of Decentral Vancouver, co-creator and co-host of Salontalks and #Blocktalk. Longtime GPU miner. Future-tech lover. From Vancouver, Canada - currently spreading the love in (and from) Hanoi, Vietnam.

#bitcoin #ethereum #blockchain

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Bitcoin #WTF? Saved My Life

@ VOL 11 ON JUL 22, 2017

"Bitcoin is amazing because it is absolutely the most powerful network in the planet right now." 

In "Bitcoin #WTF? Saved My Life" from PechaKucha Night Hanoi Vol. 11, Freddie Heartlinee tells a quick story about how he, a founder of a fledgling and failing start-up, luckily found the investment of a lifetime after spending most of his retirement savings trying to save his company. 

The implications of Bitcoin's underlying technology totally blew Freddie Heartlinee's mind - and saved his (financial) life. He is currently as passionate and in love with the technology as he was on that fateful day, at that nerdy little meet-up in Vancouver in 2013.

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Hanoi @ The Rotten Grapes Theater
Jul 22, 2017