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Fred Bergen

I am an interdisciplinary inquirist. I have an Edible Food Forest and see Nature as healing and restorative., Self Employeed in East Palatka United States

I am 70 years old and an interdisciplinary inquirist.
I grew up as a high aerial performer and traveled widely. I taught the first Yoga class at St Johns River Jr College before they would call it Yoga. I am certified in Permaculture and MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress reduction). I have been featured in Edibles NE Fl (Issue 3) for my Edible Food Forest (Enchanted Food Forest) which has many aesthetic qualities and it gives much to me beyond the food.
My studies, interest and personal experience have brought me back, again and again to Nature, not as something separate but inclusive of us all. Its integration aids our integration. We are Nature naturing and we are not doing a great job.. Our disconnect from it is contributing to its destruction and our own.
I feel we are at a crossroads like never before. I believe it was 2008 that we became an urban species.
I have recently designed a food forest model at the City of Palatka, Fl Property at the Water Works. Installation later this year.
My wish is to design "Stroll for Well-Being" gardens that offer healing support for the many challenges we face today and Edible Food Forest concepts into backyards. There are over 40 support groups just in the St Augustine area. and many individuals that might benefit from a respite in Nature wherever it can be found.
Our connection to Nature is a path to more joy with less impact on our environment. This is my best effort to do something positive for communities and maybe for your own backyard.
It's probably obvious now, that 6 minutes and 40 seconds will be a challenge for me but, I'm up for it!.

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The Healing Power of Nature and the Stroll for Well-Being

@ VOL 11 ON OCT 22, 2018

Can being in nature be more than just a nice passtime, could it also heal us? Fred Bergen talks to us about the benefits of "forest bathing" and introduces us to something called a "stroll for well-being" and how it has shown to truly benefit people's health. 

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St. Augustine @ St. Augustine Amphitheater
Oct 22, 2018