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Federico Gaggio

Treasure Hunter, Do&Co in London United Kingdom

I work with people, ideas, design and stories. I grew up in Milan, where I studied Philosophy and trained as a graphic designer. I am a cultural omnivore, binging on books, images, films, comics, learning new things, and all sorts of delicious food. I travelled quite a bit, moved to Paris and ended up in London.

Professionally, I fell into TV and Film at a young age and developed a knack for building abstract things called 'brands' – basically an excuse to tell stories and create experiences that help people find treasures.

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Creative Inspirations

@ VOL 114 ON MAY 28, 2014

With an educational background in graphic design and a career in brand building, Federico Gaggio shares his inspirations and idols he's met along the way- from teachers to friends, and graphic designers to film directors. Moving between Milan, New York City, Paris and most recently, London, Federico has learned from a wide range of creative minds. 

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Sandokan and other mystical characters created by media

@ VOL 15 ON JUN 12, 2017

Federico Gaggio is a seasoned PechaKucha presenter and we were lucky enough to have him join us in London at Vol. 15. 

In this Pechakucha Federico discusses all things modern and of the time, taking us on a magical journey of characters and ideas that are presented to us in everyday life and on the mighty power that is social media.

Federico's talk was so diverse it was verrrry hard to write this description - so promise us and just watch!

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London @ Proud East
Jun 12, 2017

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Tokyo @ SuperDeluxe
May 28, 2014