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Fatema Barot Mota

Sr. Art Director, LEGO Systems A/S in Vejle Denmark

A Communication Designer of Indian origin and diverse creative interests from writing, illustration, animation, typography, graphic design, crafts and performing arts. Currently works as a Sr. Art Director at LEGO and lives with her husband in Denmark. Finds huge inspiration in people around and their creative pursuits.

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Introduction to Devanagiri - Indian writing script

@ VOL 2 ON SEP 18, 2018

Fatema Barot Mota gives us a short introduction to how the structure of Indian written script Devnagiri is different from Latin scripts. She also explains how the Indian alphabets work together in the Abugida system.

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My experience with the online challenge Inktober

@ VOL 5 ON JUN 11, 2019

Inktober is an Instagram based challenge where artists across the world commit to making one ink drawing every single day for the month of October. As a creative with a restless mind Fatema often found it hard to start a project and commit to it consistently for a long term. She gave the Inktober challenge a try and found how a set format and timeline does wonders with making things happen.