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Fani Atmanti

graduate student in Tsukuba Japan

Having huge interest in the creative fields and architecture, I continue to do the experiment and discover. Seeing new places and meeting new people from diverse countries always inspires me. It might be the strong reason for me to explore the world and travel.

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The Omo Project , A Magnificent of Asian Aesthetic

@ VOL 154 ON JAN 31, 2018

Fani Atmanti is currently investigating structural concepts and exploring the adaptive reuse of a traditional wooden house in Bawomataluo village, Nias Island Indonesia. Her other creative pursuit involves a collaboration with a local carpenter and Singaporean designer Karyn Lim to create a bag she has named “OMO” which dons v-pattern cuts in its outer wooden skin, allowing it to transform from a flat surface into a three-dimensional volume.

Fani Atmantiは、インドネシア、二アス島Bawomataluo村の伝統的な木製家屋の、最適な再利用方法と、ストラクチャーコンセプトのリサーチをしています。また、彼女のクリエイティビティへの探究心は、地元の職人とのコラボレーションや、シンガポールデザインナーKaryn Limとの、木の皮をv-パターンにカットした素材を利用した、2Dから3Dへ変形可能な“OMO”というバックの共同制作にまで及んでいます。


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Tokyo @ SuperDeluxe
Jan 31, 2018