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Eva Heider

Online Entrepreneur, Architect + German Expat , Ginger by Choice LLC in Knoxville, TN United States

100 days seem to be a long time. When you ask Eva, it’s not!
Especially when you’re going through a challenge that shall take you from Zero Clue to a skilled Value Investor as well as a savvy navigator of all things Personal Finances.
Struggling, stumbling, falling is part of her YouTube channel where she shares her journey with others. To make up for all those hard passages she laughs, smiles and celebrates even the smallest of her successes.
Her hope is to inspire others with her videos. If a normal girl like her, with no financial background, can take on such a major task, so can everybody. Her message is: make sure to take care of those you love (including yourself) by creating peace of mind and generational wealth.

Join us on August 15th 2018 and be inspired by all those fantastic stories, ideas and journeys we're sharing with you.

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Knoxville @ Mill and Mine
Aug 15, 2019