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Erika Mashig

Parks + Open Space Planner, City of New Westminster in New Westminster Canada

Originally from New York, Erika migrated to Vancouver to complete her master’s degree in Landscape Architecture at the University of British Columbia. Erika carries projects through all phases, from concept to construction and brings her experience from a diverse portfolio of local projects as well as across Canada. She believes that landscape architects facilitate a critical role in facilitating the ongoing renewal and flux of the urban public realm through effective, imaginative and adaptive design.

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PARK(ing) Space


In her talk, Erika Mashig explains how the original “parklet” stood in place in a parking stall in San Fransisco for two hours – the maximum term of the lease offered on the meter. When the meter expired, the sod, bench and tree were taken away and the space resumed as a parking stall. She goes on to explain how this grass roots initiative has caught on, and evolved into what is known as a “parklet”- the transformation of parking spaces on the street into places for people to sit, relax, and enjoy the city. 

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New Westminster @ Anvil Centre
Jun 03, 2017